Uses Of Tethered Drones

Tethered Drones are used by many different job occupations such as journalists, the police, and the military. With tethered drones journalists are able to receive and broadcast overhead coverage of what they’re reporting. Although normal drones can already do this, tethered drones can be equipped with a tether that doubles as a power supply and are able to maintain aerial stability because of it.

For police and military tethered drones are able to be used as a what can basically be considered an aerial security camera. Sky Sapience has developed a drone to do just that. The Hovermast-100 was centered around military use, but is still suitable for multiple tasks that require surveillance. According to Sky Sapience “ Whether your mission is locating illegals attempting to cross your border, crowd control at a political rally, or perhaps increasing security at your local electricity plant, Sky Sapience’s HoverMast-100, tethered hovering machine, combines engineering genius and innovative materials to provide exceptional observation and surveillance capabilities.”

With a tether attached, tethered drones can easily be moved by moving the station it’s attached to instead of operating a remote control. This allows the range of tethered drones to cover moving vehicles such as boats and cars. By covering these methods of transportation the surveillance capabilities of tethered drones increase along with their uses.

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