Benefits Of Using Tethered Drones

One of the issues when using drones is that crashes can occur due to technical error that range from technical to human. When using a tethered drone many of those issues will be resolved such as piloting errors. By having the drone tethered to an object, it’s movement will automatically be restricted and eliminates the need for a trained pilot to operate it. The same concept applies to technical errors too. With tethered drones, GPS navigation isn’t required anymore. In a simpler sense the main benefit in using tether drones is that it’s safer. With the chances of crashes decreased and piloting skills kept to a minimum, the odds of having an accident are considerably smaller.

Of course, safety isn’t the only thing tethered drones have to offer. One of the most practical uses of having tethered drones is that drone photography becomes an easier task. Before, drone photography required skill and practice, but teather drones are able to eliminate these factors because of their restricted movement which takes away the need for piloting skills. This allows for stability in movement and in turn a clearer shot of the picture or video being taken. The only downside to this added safety

According to the creators of Fotokite, the FAA UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) guidelines define a tethered aircraft as not an unmanned aircraft. If theathred drones are not defined as an unmanned aircraft then that means that the rules and regulations of one do not apply either. This allows for tethered drones to film for commercial flight without being penalized by the FAA. With this in mind companies will be able to hire drones for aerial photography and filming.

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