Tethered Drones is a new and upcoming blog dedicated to explaining the uses and benefits of tethered drones as well as any new developments that form. This blog was started to provide a deeper understanding to anyone looking to learn about tethered drones and to promote the use of drones.

When looking up tethered drones it’s more common to run into news articles and drone companies than blogs about tethered drones. Although both of these make a picture on what tethered drones are, it’s hard to piece all the information from different sites together. This blog was made with the idea of piecing together the information for you.

Tethered drones can be thought of as a grey area. They can either be used for getting around FAA regulations or for an innovative use such as conducting an endless flight. Tethered drones have the potential to allow lax drone use for civilians. This is due to the fact that they can be piloted by even an amateur because they can easily be maintained in the area that they’re tethered to. The reason this promotes lax drone use for civilians is because issues that can happen with a normal drone such as losing control can simply be solved by attaching a tether.