October 2, 2014

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July 9, 2014

Variations of Tethered Drones

Although there are many ways to use tethered drones innovatively, some people only attach a tether and leave it alone. By doing this they are still able to avoid regulations set by the FAA. At the same time however, can cause a few issues when flying. If a drone is flying with only a fishing line attached the drone has a chance of tangling with the wire and falling. The best way to avoid these kinds of issues is to either change how the drone flies or the tether itself.

July 9, 2014

Uses Of Tethered Drones

Tethered Drones are used by many different job occupations such as journalists, the police, and the military. With tethered drones journalists are able to receive and broadcast overhead coverage of what they’re reporting. Although normal drones can already do this, tethered drones can be equipped with a tether that doubles as a power supply and are able to maintain aerial stability because of it.

July 3, 2014

Benefits Of Using Tethered Drones

One of the issues when using drones is that crashes can occur due to technical error that range from technical to human. When using a tethered drone many of those issues will be resolved such as piloting errors. By having the drone tethered to an object, it’s movement will automatically be restricted and eliminates the need for a trained pilot to operate it. The same concept applies to technical errors too. With tethered drones, GPS navigation isn’t required anymore. In a simpler sense the main benefit in using tether drones is that it’s safer. With the chances of crashes decreased and piloting skills kept to a minimum, the odds of having an accident are considerably smaller.